Mindfulness and Wellbeing Regular Events

Details of regular mindfulness and wellbeing events, including Mindfulness Meditation, Capacitar Tai Chi and Hatha Yoga.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation is usually led by Dr. Avinash Bansode, a mindfulness teacher and instructor who is the University's Honorary Mindfulness Chaplain.  Dr. Avinash has a background in Medicine and qualified as a GP from India.  He has been practising mindfulness meditation for the last 20 years.


Mindfulness Meditation classes at the Chaplaincy:

These free sessions take place in the Bristo Square Chaplaincy on Thursdays during semester time.  They take place at lunchtime from 13:10-13:50 and depending upon numbers, either take place in the sanctuary or upstairs in one of the larger rooms.  Please check the notice board when visiting the Chaplaincy for the exact room.  All are welcome and people do not need to have attended previous sessions to participate.

Dr Avinash Bansode
Dr Avinash Bansode, Mindfulness Chaplain

An introductory video to mindfulness is available on the mindfulness introduction page or it can be viewed as a full screen video on the Chaplaincy's Media Hopper channel.


Capacitar Tai Chi

The Chaplaincy offers free Capacitar Tai Chi sessions on Tuesdays during semester time at the Bristo Square Chapliancy.  The sessions are led by Rev Alison Newell and take place in Room 1 from 13:10-13:40.


Hatha Yoga

The Chaplaincy offers free Hatha Yoga sessions on Fridays during semester time at the Bristo Square Chaplaincy.  The sessions are led by Kirsten Newell and take place in Room 1 from 13:10-14:00.