Using the Chaplaincy 21/22 - FAQs

Details of using The Chaplaincy during academic year 21/22. We outline how to use The Chaplaincy during Semester 1 of academic year 21/22 with the impact of Covid-19 guidance and what might be different.

Is The Chaplaincy open?

Yes, we are open on weekdays from 10am - 5pm. 

Our reception office is currently closed but there will be staff upstairs in the team area. Go upstairs and turn right at the top of the stairs and someone will be able to help you. 

How do I get into the building? 

Photograph of the entrance to The Chaplaincy Centre in Bristo Square. To the left of the glass doors, is a push to open button

Most of the time you will push the grey button which says "Press to Enter" and you will be able to walk into The Centre. 

If the doors don't open, there is a small doorbell on the wall of the building to the left of the "Press to Enter" button, push the doorbell and someone should be down to help you.

As we are limiting the number of staff in the building,  there might be occassions such as over lunch when there isn't anyone from the team available. 

In those instances you might need to come back later on if you can or please feel free to send us an email. 

The contact information for the team can be found on this page

If for any reason we were unable to open on a particular day, we will add that information to the home page of The Chaplaincy website and to our social media pages. 


What do I need to do when I come into the building? 

Photograph of the Chaplaincy foyer, there is green signage with the text "Please keep your distance". To the right hand side of the stairs is a hand sanitiser dispenser

If you are feeling unwell or showing symptoms of COVID-19 you must not enter the building. 

We ask that when you come into the centre that you wear a mask, unless you are medically exempt, and when you are moving around the building.

This helps keep our staff and everyone accessing the building safe. 

When you come into the building there will be signage directing you to sanitise your hands.

We are asking everyone moving around The Centre to be mindful of other users particularly on the stairs which are quite narrow and in spaces like the toilets.

Guidance on numbers will be located on the doors. 

Is the social drop in open? 

Unfortunately, our usual social drop in the Auditorium is closed until further notice.

We will continue to review this decision as the semester progresses and will share any updates on our website and social media pages. 

Are events running at the centre or online? 

We are running a mixture of online and in person events this semester. 

Details of all Chaplaincy events can be found here

Our drop-ins at the Chaplaincy Centre are on a first come first served basis. When you arrive you will be asked to add your name and contact number to the attendance form for Test and Protect purposes. This data will be kept by The Chaplaincy for 21 days and then destroyed. 

If you are using any equipment you will be asked to wipe this down at the end of the session once you have finished using it. 

Is the Listening Service available? 

Yes the Listening Service is available and details of how to arrange an appointment can be found here. The Listening Service is available weekdays 9am-5pm. 

We would encourage you where possible to email us directly at to arrange an appointment.