Support services available from the Chaplaincy, for both staff and students of all faiths and none.

Pastoral Support

We offer pastoral support for students and staff, regardless of religious affiliation.

We offer:

  • Confidential, non-judgemental listening.
  • Help in time of crisis.
  • Links with specialist sources of help (including faith contacts if you wish).

The Chaplains try to provide support as quickly as we can.

Support is available in person, or by phone, email or video conversation (please email to set up a Skype meeting).

The University Listening Service

The Chaplaincy runs the University Listening Service daily (Mon-Fri), for any who would appreciate “a good listening to”.

The Listening Service operates through the University Chaplaincy, for students or staff who want to touch base on any concerns or anxieties, or are looking for a timely or purposeful conversation. Conversations can be held in a variety of places, and could be over coffee or a walk.

Please click the video below to watch the University Chaplain, Revd Dr Harriet Harris answer questions from a student about the listening service and the support it provides.

View the Listening Service Postcard.

Contact Us:

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In the event of a sudden death, hospitalisation or acute crisis the Chaplaincy can be contacted at any time.

Other support services

Support services available across the University and other organisations in Edinburgh