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Hearty Squirrel Food Cooperative

Details of Hearty Squirrel Food Cooperative and how you can get involved.

Video: Hearty Squirrel Food Cooperative
Information on the Hearty Squirrel Food Cooperative and how you can get involved.

The Hearty Squirrel is a volunteer–run food cooperative at the University. We work with local suppliers (Whitmuir Farm and Breadshare) as well as a Glaswegian workers’ Cooperative (Greencity) to bring you fresh, local, organic, and affordable alternatives to the major Edinburgh supermarkets.  

During non-COVID times, we run a weekly zero–waste stall where we sell dried goods, vegetables, and bread and offer the option for you to place bulk orders with Greencity. Throughout the year, we promote food sustainability through a variety of events. 

We are still evaluating our options for operating under government and university guidelines in the upcoming semester, but we will hopefully be able to at least place bulk orders with Greencity for you! Bulk orders are an excellent way to shop ethically and affordably at the same time, so gather your flat mates to get those 10kg pasta bags and enough oats to last you a lifetime! 

We are completely run by volunteers, so we need YOU to get involved! We need volunteers to run the stall, organize events, take on behind-the-scenes logistics work, and much more~ Sign up to the newsletter (see below) to stay updated on how you can get involved! 



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