Sanctuary Walk for Refugees

Refugees in Scotland are in need of assistance in higher education. The University of Edinburgh Chaplaincy organised a sponsored walk on the 3rd and 4th of June 2017 to raise initial funds to offer educational opportunities. The Chaplaincy invited staff, students and the larger Edinburgh community to participate.

Well done to everyone who joined us on our Sanctuary Walk for Refugees!

So far we have raised over £8,600 and there will be a matching by the Scholarships Office at the University of Edinburgh which secures a student scholarship for a refugee hopefully for this coming semester.  The Sanctuary Walk for Refugees JustGiving page is still live and if you wish to contribute.  Photos from the Walk can be seen on the Facebook page for the Sanctuary Walk for Refugees.

A massive thanks to everyone who took part raising money as well as awareness, thanks to those on the planning group, and to those who walked, danced, sang, told stories, played instruments, offered poems and made speeches as well as to all those who sponsored us!

We found it so important that we had Syrians walking with us, with their own personal stories of struggle and what it meant to have to leave home and settle in a new country and it was very moving on Sunday morning as a group of people from different faiths and none, to begin our walk in silence at 7.15am, walking for peace and remembering those caught in the London Bridge attack.

We are delighted that the University of Edinburgh is now the first university in Scotland to become a University of Sanctuary for its work to support and educate refugees.  Vice Principal Professor James Smith received the certificate at the end of our Sanctuary Walk for Refugees at the Scottish Parliament from Rachel Farrier of Edinburgh City of Sanctuary.


Sanctuary Walk for Refugees