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Information about Unitarianism.

Unitarianism is based on the affirmation that "God is One". It began as a branch of Christianity which rejected the doctrine of Trinitarianism (the belief that God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit were three separate entities) in favour of the belief that Jesus Christ was human and the Holy Spirit and God one being; it has now expanded to include many believers who would not call themselves Christian.

"We hold that all people have the right to believe what their own life-experience tells them is true; what the prompting of their own conscience tells them is right. We say that each person's spiritual or intuitive experience deserves respect; that everyone's deep reflection and reasoning on religious and ethical questions should be taken seriously. Unitarians form a movement that tries to put these affirmations into practice. Our local religious communities offer a setting where people can worship, explore, and share faith together in an atmosphere of freedom and mutual respect. "

In Edinburgh, a local Unitarian congregation is St Mark's Unitarian Church, Edinburgh .