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The MindLetter

The MindLetter is a weekly essay for reflection and practical inspiration around wellbeing and living a good life. It can be read by itself, and also includes a practice to explore in your own time. Email to subscribe.

Interruptions and Other Tails

A woman sitting on a yoga mat playing with her dog
How do we live with interruptions - of study, work, breakfast or yoga?

Daffodils, and Remembering Covid 

Picture of a tree surrounded by daffodils, with the sun setting in the distance
In this week's MindLetter, Kitty Wheater reflects on a gift of narcissi, a memory of Covid, and how we heal from difficult memory itself.

But Edinburgh is a Golden Dream

Mindfulness Chaplain Dr Kitty Wheater reflects on how we might retain a sense of transcendence as we move into the busyness of the semester.

Zen and the Art of Border Collie Maintenance

For this week's MindLetter, I explore the possibilities of a New Year, with h/Hope.

The Portobello Pottery Museum

An old photo of Portobello beach
For today's MindLetter, I fess up to an obsession...

Rain on a Friday in November

A photo of somebody holding an umbrella up while it pours down with rain in a city.
For today's MindLetter, KittyWheater leaves prose behind in order to write about rain, and the weight of the things we carry.

This is a story about a Pickle and a Mess

A photo of an open dishwasher. Inside the dishwasher is full of plates and cups.
MindLetter post written by Dr Kitty Wheater.

Wherever You Are Is Always a Starting Point

MindLetter post written by Dr Kitty Wheater

The Death of the Queen, and the End of Eras

MindLetter post written by Dr Kitty Wheater.

The Problem of Corporate Empathy

MindLetter post written by Dr Kitty Wheater