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The MindLetter

The MindLetter is a weekly essay for reflection and practical inspiration around wellbeing and living a good life. It can be read by itself, and also includes a practice to explore in your own time. Email to subscribe.

Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitlessness 

a tree on the side of a path during Autumn
MindLetter post written by Dr Kitty Wheater.

Striking Out For Cornwall

a small island surrounded by cliffs in the ocean
MindLetter post written by Dr Kitty Wheater.

Life in Analogue

an analogue alarm clock sitting on a desk
MindLetter post written by Dr Kitty Wheater.

My Year of Hope 

A dog in a thick patch of grass
MindLetter post written by Dr Kitty Wheater.

The Fallow Field

a field filled with pink flowers
As summer bakes the grass on the Meadows, and poppies sprout from cracks in the pavements, I've found myself idly revisiting a particular place in mind.

Shockingly, Glorious Swims in the Cold, Cold Sea 

A seal in the water close to the edge of a beach
For today's MindLetter, I return to the beach. It's a tad nippy, but rather marvellous...

Interruptions and Other Tails

A woman sitting on a yoga mat playing with her dog
How do we live with interruptions - of study, work, breakfast or yoga?

Daffodils, and Remembering Covid 

Picture of a tree surrounded by daffodils, with the sun setting in the distance
In this week's MindLetter, Kitty Wheater reflects on a gift of narcissi, a memory of Covid, and how we heal from difficult memory itself.

But Edinburgh is a Golden Dream

Mindfulness Chaplain Dr Kitty Wheater reflects on how we might retain a sense of transcendence as we move into the busyness of the semester.

Zen and the Art of Border Collie Maintenance

For this week's MindLetter, I explore the possibilities of a New Year, with h/Hope.