Mindfulness Workshops

Details of Mindfulness Workshops at The Chaplaincy.

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All online Mindfulness Workshops can be joined on Zoom on the day, by signing in with your UoE sign-on here. No need to register in advance. 


Mindfulness for Sleep

Kitty runs regular Mindfulness for Sleep workshops on Zoom during term-time. These explore some of the common cognitive patterning around sleeplessness, and some simple mindfulness techniques to help at 3am, or when you are tired the next day. The next workshop is on Thursday March 11th, 11am-12pm. 


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Mindfulness for Zoom Fatigue

Kitty is running a Mindfulness for Zoom Fatigue workshop on Zoom on Thursday March 18th, 11am-12pm. This will cover why and how we find video calls tiring and anxiety-provoking, and explore real-time practical mindfulness techniques and exercises to reduce Zoom fatigue.


Meanwhile, you can read Kitty's MindLetters on mindfulness for Zoom FatigueZoom Burnout, and Information Overload.