Virtual Drop-ins

An overview of Mindfulness sessions offered at The Chaplaincy Centre by Mindfulness Chaplain, Dr Kitty Wheater.

Welcome to Semester 2. 

Mindfulness drop-in sessions recommence Tuesday 12th January, 1.10pm. For how to join, click here

Mindfulness virtual drop-ins are offered weekly through:

  • online live sessions
  • the MindLetter.

They are open to UoE students and staff, and NHS Lothian staff.

All drop-ins are open to beginners, as well as supporting those with a regular (or rusty!) practice.


Online Sessions

The twice-weekly online sessions consist of a guided practice, followed by guided inquiry.

These run Tuesdays and Fridays, 1.10-1.50pm.

Online drop-ins begin Tuesday 12th of January.


Tuesday: Reflection and Inquiry Drop-in

The reflection and inquiry practice explores patterns of distraction, busyness, or difficulty.

Open to all, it may particularly suit those with previous experience of mindfulness practice.


Friday: Grounding and Replenishment Drop-in

The grounding and replenishment practice explores how to settle, steady, and ground the attention.

This is also open to all – and may particularly suit beginners, or those in need of recoup on a Friday.


The online drop-ins replace in-person sessions at sites across the University and NHS Lothian:

  • The Chaplaincy Centre at Bristo Square
  • The Vet School at Easter Bush
  • The BioQuarter, Little France
  • The Western General.

For details of how to join the online sessions, click here.

The online practices are recorded and available for playback here


The MindLetter

The weekly MindLetter consists of an email, with a theme for reflection. It can be read by itself, and also includes a linked practice to explore in your own time.

Past themes have included:

  • Responding wisely to fear and worry
  • Zoom fatigue
  • Interrupting a spiralling mind
  • Skin hunger, and humans’ biological need for touch
  • The pressure to be productive during lockdown
  • Finding comfort when you are ill.

The MindLetter goes out to the mindfulness mail-lists each week: click here to join.

It is open to the general public, too: email and ask to be added to the public mail-list.

It is also posted weekly on our website.

The virtual drop-ins are taught and written by Dr Kitty Wheater, Mindfulness Chaplain.

Dr Kitty Wheater

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  • Please note that Kitty works Tuesday to Friday, so there may be a short delay in answering your email

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