For Times Like These

Blogs to help us through COVID19 lockdowns and meltdowns, and to raise our spirits

From the University of Edinburgh Chaplaincy

During the coming weeks we will be spending more time alone, and holding more uncertainty, than has perhaps been asked of us before.

We will be sharing regular blogs across our beloved University community (and feel free to pass on more widely) to keep us connected, and to share reflections and practices that can lift the spirits.

In times like these, much is asked of us and much will be given.

Part of what is asked of us may be finding ways to take a holiday at home, when home has become infused with work.
Part of what is given is the opportunity to reclaim our sense of holiday and home, so that these can nourish us after a depleting year. 


This week's blog post has been written by Mindfulness Chaplain, Kitty Wheater. His piece is titled "Staying on Holiday at Home".


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