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Indoor labyrinth

Our indoor canvas labyrinth is used for labyrinth work in a variety of locations; contact Very Revd Frances Burberry (Labyrinth Chaplain) for details.


The setting of the Chaplaincy auditorium offers a relaxing ambience of gentle lighting, quiet music and peacefulness.



A facilitator is present with information about walking the labyrinth.

In contrast to the guided walks on the outdoor labyrinth, no formal introduction is offered by the facilitator - rather the facilitator is there to support the quietness of the space for those who are walking and to aid newcomers if they have any particular question.


Indoor Labyrinth Guided Walk

Indoor labyrinth guided walks take place throughout the year in Room 1 of the Bristo Square Chaplaincy.

For more information, contact Very Revd Frances Burberry (Labyrinth Chaplain) via the Chaplaincy.