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Slow University

Becoming more reflective and effective; less frenzied and reactive.

Slowly we bend time doodle with two characters, "I haven't got all day so be quick and show me how to slow down"

We consider the benefits of ‘slow’, not as the opposite of fast but as the opposite of distracted and reactive busyness. Often, we are busily inefficient, or inefficiently busy! We can easily tighten up into the problems we face, and push on through to implement solutions. Going more slowly opens our eyes, minds and hearts more widely, so that we are less likely to rush judgements and decisions, and more likely to see what options are open to us. We can slow down whilst keeping due momentum. Going slow, or with more rhythm, helps us to get where we need to be in a better way, and often faster, than all our rushing.


We would like to change our thinking from:

  • Productivity to fruitfulness
  • Time-management to timeliness and rhythm
  • Efficiency to efficacy
  • Reactivity to responsiveness
  • Tension to attention
  • Pressure to confidence

And to begin, we may need some overwhelm first aid.


Slow University sessions ran from 2018-2021, facilitated by Harriet Harris and Geoffrey Baines. Their insights and practices now form part of the Abundant Academy programme.

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