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The Replenish Course

This is the first course within the Core Abundant Academy Programme.

We start with replenishment because before we can feel inspired, creative, glad to see one another, and, frankly, just to reach baseline, we need to replenish.

Most of us probably need to top up our energy at least three times as much as we think we do. We may even need four or five times more replenishment right now, because of the turmoil of Covid19. Many of us are coming into the academic year already exhausted. In addition, we may have been isolated, without the energy that we draw from one another. Or we may have had too much company in our households, and not enough solitude to tank up our energy levels.

This course is designed to give you time to replenish. You may feel that you don’t have time to take a course, but the tools, practices and connections that ‘Replenish’ will give you can make all the difference to your energy and happiness, such that you have more time and sense of possibility as a result, and the spaciousness to make wise and effective decisions.

Photograph of a doodle: a conversation between two characters where one asks the other "I haven't got all day so be quick:show me how to slow down and don't you dare waste my time"
Doodle by Revd Geoffrey Baines


The Replenish course supports us to:

Replenish and model replenishment for others: acquiring habits that keep overwhelm and burnout confidently at bay, and support our identity and belonging, so that we can grow a sense of abundance, spaciousness, and time to reflect. There is no judgement, no pressure, just replenishment, mutual encouragement and a growing supportive community.

5x2 hours, plus a bonus session, fortnightly, Semester 1

  • Continual Replenishment, why we need it and how we can get it
  • Understanding disempowered behaviour; handling our internal ‘frenemies’ (inner critic, pusher, pleaser, imposter, perfectionist…).
  • Harnessing empowering archetypes
  • Meeting our needs; powerful compassion; radical replenishment
  • Overwhelm first aid; supporting one another in stressful times



  • 10am-12pm, Fridays, fortnightly, starting 14th Oct to 9th December 


Book Here  for the Friday session. 


For further information please email Harriet at


Donations and scholarships

We collect a donation for the core programme. Employers are often willing to cover this cost as part of staff development, so if relevant to you, do ask your line-manager:

Staff rate:          

  • £125 for Replenish
  • £125 for Reconnect
  • £125 for Realise 
  • OR, £300 flat fee for the whole year


PG rate:           

  • £50 for Replenish
  • £50 for Reconnect
  • £50 for Realise
  • OR, £100 flat fee for the whole year


We offer bursaries. If the donation prohibits you from joining, please email


There are strong accompaniments to the Replenish course in our Library of Abundance, all available at no cost:

Monday lunchtimes, The Wander Society

Tuesday lunchtimes, Mindful doodling

Wednesday lunchtimes, Capacitar Practices for Wellbeing

Friday lunchtimes, ‘Grounding and Replenishment’ Mindfulness drop-ins


Facilitators of the Replenish Course

Photograph of Harriet Harris
Revd Dr Harriet Harris

Harriet Harris 

Revd Dr Harriet Harris, the University Chaplain and Head of Chaplaincy Service, has a long university career, as a Research Fellow (Oxford), University Lecturer (Exeter), and Chaplain and Faculty member (Oxford and Edinburgh). She continues to write, teach and supervise research. She often finds herself stretched across multiple roles, including family ones, and speaks from her own experience of having become over-stretched and exhausted. She is an Honorary Fellow of the School of Divinity, and an Associate Fellow of the Clinical Educator Programme, providing training in ‘Compassion for self and others’ to medical consultants. Harriet is also a Trainer with Student Minds, and a Certified Coach with One of Many™, the biggest UK network of women leaders. She loves knitting, reading, road cycling and gravel-biking.


Photograph of Steph West
Stephanie West

Stephanie West 

Stephanie West, co-facilitator of the staff course, has a spent her career working in university administration and the helping professions. She has a BA in Social Psychology, MSc in Addiction Counselling and also studied Evidence-Based Social Work at the University of Oxford. For much of her career she worked in both the disability and addiction fields and has trained practitioners in London, New York and New Dehli. Since moving to Scotland, Steph has divided her time bringing up 3 children and working part-time in administration at the University of Edinburgh. At the age of 28 she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and has often found herself tired and overwhelmed juggling the demands of family, work and a body that doesn’t do as it’s told! She also has an NVQ in Training and Mentoring and Certificates in Conflict Resolution, Psychodrama and Psychosynthesis. She loves poetry and tennis.


Photograph of Lilian Lee
Lilian Lee

Lilian Lee

Lilian Lee, Co-facilitator of the PG and mature student course, is the Roman Catholic Lay Chaplain. Lilian was born in Hong Kong, raised in Singapore, and has lived in Scotland for the last 18 years. She studied at the University of Edinburgh (Architecture MA & MArch and MBA) so has had first-hand experiences of what it means to be an international student. She has been working as the Lay Chaplain at the Catholic Chaplaincy since 2015. As a student she took part in the Catholic chaplaincy life and that experience made her realise that she had a passion for supporting students to make the best of their university experience and to be a listening ear when they are facing all sorts of challenges. To replenish, she loves photography, playing tennis and being creative!




Before working with the resources from the Replenish course, I felt negative about the future and ‘stuck’ on the small things. The biggest breakthrough for me was using the tools to release the negative messages I held about taking responsibility and enjoying moving forward with my plans.

Now I am starting to feel empowered about changing what I do and feeling confident and excited, as I take steps towards my goals.

The resources from the Replenish course, made a big difference to me as I don’t feel alone or self critical in planning my future, even when I make mistakes.

Former staff member


I had a great sense of fear before I had access to the resources, challenges, and tools. I had lost myself to this fear and I never knew how to be with myself. I had lost my truth and who I really am to what I thought people wanted me to be which really strained me and gave me to live an unsatisfied life.

The greatest thing I got from the resources was being able to find myself and believe in my truth. I can now spend time alone and while at it I really enjoy it. I got to understand that life is seasonal and surrounded by various circumstances. Just like we have winter, autumn, spring, and summer all year round, so is life. The best thing is that I understood that there are times when the season will be blue and all chilly and that it is okay to have this. With the tools that I have I am able to brace the chill of winter gracefully, to dance in the rain, to enjoy the shine of summer and I now know when I need to go back and take a rest in the heat of summer when I can no longer keep up with the play.

I have found in me a brave, strong, loving, caring, gentle woman and best of all I have connected with my faith at the deepest level I ever have. I look forward to sunbathing in summer, to enjoying my knitting in winter when the chill outdoor is too intense, to bravely face the tide during the storms and to dance in the rain.

Postgraduate student

The course was a very positive experience. I looked forward to the fortnightly sessions. I would highly recommend to anyone, even if they think they have their life and work perfected already.

Staff member


I am so grateful for this course, it is something I didn't know I was looking for or needed and did question if I had the time which was ultimately what I realised I need to make time for - it was an absolute pleasure - thank you so much!

Staff member

It was really hugely beneficial & I greatly appreciate the warmth generated by the course. It was a very welcome morning in the week. Thank you.

Staff member