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The Reconnect Course

This is the second course within the Core Abundant Academy Programme.

Abundant Academy Shield: the shield is split into 4 parts and has trees, a book, a well and a tree by a river on it. The drawings are in green,blue, brown and white.

Reconnect, with ourselves and others, and with the source of life: reconnecting with our life-story, emotional drivers, and values; responding to procrastination; and releasing feelings beliefs and behaviours that have caused us to feel stuck. Reconnecting is the route to uncovering our sense of purpose, integrity, joy, and the difference we make to the world.  Feeling connected and intact opens us to a sense spaciousness and abundance so that we can respond wisely and compassionately, rather than reactively, frenetically, or desperately, to the challenges we face.

We can often feel that we do not have the headspace to be creative or to make good decisions about our work, or indeed our lives, let alone how work and life fit together.

This course is designed to help you get not only headspace, but the far greater sense of spaciousness that comes from stepping out your head and into all of the sources that you can tap for creativity and rejuvenation.

We will be building on the empowering archetypes and the ways we have learned to replenish in Semester 1, because without regular replenishment we cannot access a sense of space or creative inspiration.

We begin with a replenishment and empowerment session to further instil what was covered in the Replenish course, and to provide the groundwork for those who are joining the Abundant Academy programme in Semester 2.


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In the Reconnect course, we grow our understanding around our emotions, their function, and how they can trigger or trap us. You will learn ways to allow and release your feelings so that you can go forward with emotional intelligence and freedom. We use a technique to enable you to explore your values and so to gain insights into what is actually driving you and how, and whether these drivers fit your deepest desires. We explore what holds you back from doing the things you want to do, and why you might be procrastinating. The Course ends with a beautiful exercise in drawing on wisdom.

The Reconnect course comprises five sessions:

5x2 hours, fortnightly, Semester 2

  • A primer on replenishment and empowerment
  • Understanding and processing our emotions
  • Discovering our values and unconscious drivers
  • Responding to procrastination and what gets us stuck
  • Finding wisdom for the next steps



  • 10am-12noon, Fridays, fortnightly, 3 February – 31 March 2023 (Book here)



For further information please email Harriet at


Donations and scholarships

We collect a donation for the core programme. Employers are often willing to cover this cost as part of staff development, so if relevant to you, do ask your line-manager. 

Staff rate:          

  • £125 for Replenish
  • £125 for Reconnect
  • £125 for Realise
  • Or, £300 flat fee for the whole year


PG rate:           

  • £50 for Replenish
  • £50 for Reconnect
  • £50 for Realise
  • Or, £100 flat fee for the whole year


We offer bursaries. If the donation prohibits you from joining, please email



Abundant optional extras, all free of charge.

Strong accompaniments to the Reconnect course from our Library of Abundance, are:

  • Mindful doodling, Tuesday lunchtimes, weekly
  • Reflection and Inquiry’ Mindfulness drop-ins, Tuesday lunchtimes, weekly


Facilitators of the Reconnect Course

Photograph of Harriet Harris
Revd Dr Harriet Harris

Revd Dr Harriet Harris

Revd Dr Harriet Harris, the University Chaplain and Head of Chaplaincy Service, has a long university career, as a Research Fellow (Oxford), University Lecturer (Exeter), and Chaplain and Faculty member (Oxford and Edinburgh). She continues to write, teach and supervise research. She often finds herself stretched across multiple roles, including family ones, and speaks from her own experience of having become over-stretched and exhausted. She is an Honorary Fellow of the School of Divinity, and an Associate Fellow of the Clinical Educator Programme, providing training in ‘Compassion for self and others’ to medical consultants. Harriet is also a Trainer with Student Minds, and a Certified Coach with One of Many®, the biggest UK network of women leaders. She loves knitting, reading, road cycling and gravel-biking.


Photograph of Steph West
Stephanie West

Stephanie West 

Stephanie West, co-facilitator of the staff course, has a spent her career working in university administration and the helping professions. She has a BA in Social Psychology, MSc in Addiction Counselling and also studied Evidence-Based Social Work at the University of Oxford. For much of her career she worked in both the disability and addiction fields and has trained practitioners in London, New York and New Dehli. Since moving to Scotland, Steph has divided her time bringing up 3 children and working part-time in administration at the University of Edinburgh. At the age of 28 she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and has often found herself tired and overwhelmed juggling the demands of family, work and a body that doesn’t do as it’s told! She also has an NVQ in Training and Mentoring and Certificates in Conflict Resolution, Psychodrama and Psychosynthesis. She loves poetry and tennis.

Photograph of Lilian Lee
Lilian Lee

Lilian Lee

Lilian Lee, Co-facilitator of the PG and mature student course, is the Roman Catholic Lay Chaplain. Lilian was born in Hong Kong, raised in Singapore, and has lived in Scotland for the last 18 years. She studied at the University of Edinburgh (Architecture MA & MArch and MBA) so has had first-hand experiences of what it means to be an international student. She has been working as the Lay Chaplain at the Catholic Chaplaincy since 2015. As a student she took part in the Catholic chaplaincy life and that experience made her realise that she had a passion for supporting students to make the best of their university experience and to be a listening ear when they are facing all sorts of challenges. To replenish, she loves photography, playing tennis and being creative!



I would definitely recommend the course. It felt like a relatively big time commitment but I came out of each session feeling like it was worth the time. Moreso, the overall progression of the course was really meaningful with each section building upon the next and culminating in what I felt to be a very fulfilled and empowered outcome.

Previous Participant


I'd recommend Ab Academy to others. To have the opportunity to reflect with others, and to be given the tools and space to do this, is hugely helpful particularly when many of us continue to be quite isolated in home working

Previous Participant


So useful to have the tools for analysis of our own behaviours. It was enlightening & inspiring to work on the ideas. I found it supportive to take part, especially during Lockdown. I have made changes & taken away many ideas.

Previous Participant


Before taking Abundant Academy, I was susceptible to being carried along by life; often finding myself falling into spirals of anxious thoughts and living uncomfortably. The course offers space and companionship to listen, explore and talk. It has helped me to better understand myself (and others). It has given me insight into what might makes me and others tick and the various parts of myself. Now I recognise the importance and benefit of making time for reflection and one’s self, and the benefit that this brings to those around you.

Previous Participant


So useful to have the tools for analysis of our own behaviours. It was enlightening & inspiring to work on the ideas. I found it supportive to take part, especially during Lockdown. I have made changes & taken away many ideas.

Previous Participant