Welcome to Chaplaincy

Welcome to the Chaplaincy, a centre on campus for those of all faiths and none. We offer:

  • A place of welcome.
  • A quiet space at the centre of the University.
  • Social drop-in with tea and coffee (by donation).
  • Opportunities for personal and spiritual development.
  • Exploration of personal and social values.
  • A centre for social, justice, human rights and peace campaigning.
  • Worship facilities and belief contacts for a wide variety of faiths.
  • Multi-faith events, meals, debates and festivals.
  • A wealth of volunteering opportunities.
  • Meeting spaces for societies and religion & belief groups.

Events in the Chaplaincy

The Chaplaincy regularly holds events such as social gatherings, fundraisers, discussions, volunteering fairs and the popular "What Is The University For?" events.

Weekly events at the Chaplaincy include meditation, prayers, lunches, yoga, tai chi, and meetings of the numerous societies who meet here.

Please see the links below for more details:

Events at the Chaplaincy

Weekly lunchtime events at the Chaplaincy

Societies and groups meeting at the Chaplaincy