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Annie Dimond

Photograph of Annie Dimond

Annie Dimond is the Honorary Lay Chaplain at the University.

Before coming to Scotland to pursue a PhD, I lived and worked in the United States. I worked with a Christian ministry among homeless and street connected youth and I directed a living community for students interested in pursuing careers in ways which could integrate their passion for faith, service, and justice. I am currently a teacher and a coach of the Enneagram of Personality, and a student of Practical Theology.

My work in all areas stems from the belief that God loves all of us, wants to be with us, and will re-make us alongside this world. The way we listen to the groanings of a world that cries out to be made right is integral to how we engage the academic endeavour, and this is why I like university chaplaincy.

I belong to St. Andrews Scottish Episcopal Church, in St. Andrews, where I teach Godly Play with the children and serve on the Vestry. I travel to Edinburgh once or twice a week to participate in chaplaincy events and the listening service.




Annie Dimond

Volunteer Lay Chaplain

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