Sohaib Saeed and Nasim Azad

Sohaib Saeed (Muslim Chaplain) is a Scottish-born imam associated with the Al-Furqan Mosque in Glasgow and various university campuses. 

Sohaib is an Arabic tutor at the University of Edinburgh, where he previously graduated with a BA and MSc in Philosophy. He then moved to Egypt and attained a degree in Quranic Studies from Al-Azhar University. Presently he is a doctoral researcher at the University of London and a freelance writer and translator with extensive experience in community work, interfaith engagement and dialogue.

Sohaib Saeed

Honorary Muslim Chaplain

  • University of Edinburgh

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c/o Chaplaincy Centre
1 Bristo Square

Nasim Azad is our Muslim Belief Contact and she runs the Muslim women's group "Beyond The Veil". 

Nasim Azad

Muslim belief contact

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