Honorary Mindfulness Chaplain

Dr Avinash Bansode

Photograph of Dr Avinash Bansode, Honorary Mindfulness Chaplain
Dr Avinash Bansode, Honorary Mindfulness Chaplain

Dr Avinash Bansode is our Honorary Mindfulness Chaplain, appointed in 2015. A qualified GP and mindfulness practitioner. 

Avinash is a mindfulness practitioner and trainer and a a  qualified GP with a background and training in medicine. Originally from Mumbai, India he is now settled in Edinburgh, Scotland with his wife and son. Avinash has been practising mindfulness meditation since 1992 as a medical student. He is also an ordained Buddhist, known as Vajrahridaya. 

Avinash has always had an interest in a holistic approach towards health and well-being and an interest in mind-body integrative medicine.

Over ten years, Avinash has practised and stayed at various semi-monastic retreat centers in India and UK and deepened his practice and understanding of mindfulness.

Avinash holds a postgraduate certificate in mindfulness-based approaches (MBA’s) from Bangor University, UK and is an MBCT Trainer trained from Oxford Mindfulness Centre.He delivers and directs mindfulness programmes for the public and for organisations including the Scottish Mental Health Executive, NHS Scotland, Edinburgh University, Queen Margaret University, Napier University  and Skyscanner.


Avinash Bansode

Honorary Mindfulness Chaplain

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