Head of Listening Service

Dr Nicola James is Head of the Listening Service at The Chaplaincy.

Photograph of Dr Nicola James

Dr Nicola James is our new Head of the Listening Service. She has practised in the NHS and managed University Counselling services for almost thirty years. Her experience includes brief therapy, addiction and critical incident debriefing. She graduated in English from Edinburgh University and was the first Honorary Quaker Chaplain at two

Scottish universities. She has a doctorate in Literature and Theology and is an Affiliate of the School of Theology and Religious Studies at Glasgow University.

Her long-term passion, inspired by Quaker worship, has been the efficacy of simply listening. Latterly her University practice has combined an experience of Quaker decision-making processes with therapeutic approaches. This has been particularly useful for both student and staff teams in finding ways forward with personal and group integrity. Her overall approach can be summed up in the research that illustrates that it is the quality of the listener/listenee relationship that predicts efficacy far more than any particular theoretical approach.










Dr Nicola James

Head of Listening Service

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