EU Referendum Statement

A Multi-Faith and Belief Statement in Support of EU Migrant Workers and Their Families Since the Referendum

As members of multiple faith and belief communities, we highly value the multicultural life of the UK, which has grown over many years into a rich, diverse and cultured neighbourliness.  We all feel the better off for that, benefit from one another's wisdom and enjoy one another's culture.  We would not wish to see our diverse and inclusive society unravel, or be undermined by uncertainties brought about by the Referendum vote for Britain to leave the EU.


We applaud the Commons vote of 6th July 2016 in support of EU migrants' right to remain in the UK.  We are acutely aware of the anxiety affecting not only EU migrant workers but also their dependents in the UK.  We urge that the rights and security of EU citizens currently living in the UK be assured so that these citizens are relieved of the prospect of displacement, family separation and loss of rights.  We would expect the UK, as a principled nation, to give such assurance as a matter of moral and political principle.


Further information about the impact of the referedndum and the University's outlook is available on "The University and Europe" section of the University's website.