Chaplaincy Committee

The University Chaplaincy Committee is a formal committee of the University of Edinburgh.

The University Chaplaincy Committee acts as a support/advisory group for the University Chaplaincy. Its membership comprises staff and students from a wide range of backgrounds and traditions.


Staff members

  • Dr Adam Budd
  • Mr Brian Cameron MBE
  • Prof Paul Foster
  • Prof Helen Bond
  • Prof Liz Grant
  • Ms Jean Grier
  • Dr Christopher Harding
  • Ms Johanna Holtan
  • Dr Fanney Kristmundsdottir
  • Mr Tom Lea
  • Dr Peter Moles
  • Dr Nacim Pak-Shiraz
  • Dr Sara Parvis
  • Dr Jessie Paterson
  • Prof John Plevris
  • Dr Carol Richardson
  • Mr Andy Shanks
  • Ms Esther Sum


Student members

  • Mr Naif Albagami

In attendance

  • Revd Dr Harriet Harris MBE (University Chaplain)
  • Rev Alison Newell (Associate Chaplain)
  • Rev Geoffrey Baines (Associate Chaplain)
  • An Honorary Chaplain
  • Chaplaincy Administrator (Chaplaincy Committee Secretary)