A Light for Aleppo

Offering a light in the darkness, to show those who face daily conflict and starvation that the world is spreading out beacons of vigilance and hope.

A Light for Aleppo Logo

At 5pm on Sunday 20th November, as the dark nights begin to draw in, communities will gather along the Firth of Forth in Scotland and in other sites around the world to light lights of hope for those besieged in Aleppo.

The Chaplaincy has launched this project and our hope is that people will join in, wherever they are, or light candles in their own homes.  Our project website has links where people can donate to Oxfam and Medicin Sans Frontieres, who are working in the region.  There is also information on the project website about planned events, how people can organise their own event, or how they can get involved if they cannot attend one of the planned events.

All people still living in warzones around the world have less and less food to live on each day, fewer and fewer medical supplies to respond to the constant arms attacks, and aid cannot easily get through.  We want them to know that wherever they are they not forgotten, and the world is watching.  When we are helpless to do much, we can answer the darkness by sending messages of light around the world.


Image of a brazier being lit on North Berwick beach