MRC Centre for Reproductive Health
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How to apply 

The course is open to suitably qualified students

Please contact us initially prior to making an application.  This is to discuss the programme further and how it can meet your academic aims.  Please note that the programme is not training in delivering clinical embryology or assisted reproductive technologies - focussing rather on lab based biological and molecular aspects outside of the clinical environment. 




Application is via the on-line process through the University's degree finder which includes detailed fee information.

Please note: This process asks for details of your research topic. Please give details here of your current research interests. However, this will not limit your choice of research projects. The application also asks for details of your research project. Please enter the following statement: “Research projects will be chosen once the programme is underway”.  

International students are advised to make and complete their applications before the end of July ahead of the academic year in order to be in a position to secure the appropriate visa entry in time for the start of programme in September.

Students new to Edinburgh may also want to consider the University of Edinburgh's accommodation services.