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Professor Sharon Cameron

I am an NHS Consultant Gynaecologist and Professor (Hon) at the University of Edinburgh with research interests in contraception, prevention and management of unintended pregnancy and genital tract infection.

Professor Sharon Cameron

  • Consultant Gynaecologist, and Lead for sexual health services NHS Lothian
  • Co director Clinical effectiveness Unit of Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive healthcare UK
  • Reader University of Edinburgh

Contact details

Research Interests

My research involves a mixture of biomedical studies, clinical trials and health services research. I collaborate with a range of basic scientists, clinicians, other health professionals, policy makers and social scientists, and together we are engaged in conducting and evaluating initiatives aimed at improving women’s reproductive and sexual health. Specifically:


  • To further development of more sophisticated methods of female contraception that may be more effective, afford more health benefits and be devoid of side-effects associated with existing methods.
  • Investigate effects of progesterone receptor modulators as potential novel methods of contraception.
  • To develop strategies to improve uptake and adherence with the most effective methods of contraception.
  • To develop strategies to optimise inter pregnancy intervals to ensure best outcomes for mothers and babies
  • To expand sexual and reproductive health care provision outside current existing models of service delivery.

Unintended pregnancy

  • To develop initiatives to improve the patient journey through termination of pregnancy services.
  • To develop simplified but effective methods of follow up after medical termination of pregnancy

Genital tract Infection

  • To develop novel interventions for improving treatment of partners of women with Chlamydia trachomatis and thus reduce re-infection in women.
  • To expand delivery of sexual health services from the community pharmacy

Staff/group members

  • Anne Johnstone (clinical research nurse)
  • Karen McCabe (research midwife)
  • Lynsey McCracken (research midwife)
  • Norma Forson (research midwife)
  • Dr Michelle Cooper (PhD research fellow)
  • Dr Rebecca Heller ( PhD)
  • Claire Battison (Trial Manager)

Principal collaborators

  • Prof Anna Glasier (Edinburgh)
  • Prof John Norrie (Edinburgh)
  • Dr Jeni Harden (Edinburgh)
  • Dr Nick Wheelhouse (Edinburgh)
  • Prof Lisa Mc Daid (Glasgow)
  • Professor Judith Stephenson (London)
  • Dr Paula Barraitser, (London)
  • Andrew Radley (Dundee)
  • Prof Kristina Gemzell Danielsson (Karolinksa Institute, Sweden)
  • Professor James Trussell (Population research, Princeton, USA)



  • Steering committee, World Health Organisation evidence based- guidelines in family planning
  • Expert Group on hormonal contraception, European Society for Contraception
  • President FIAPAC


  • Co- Director, Clinical Effectiveness Unit of Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare UK
  • Executive committee of clinical studies group (CSG) for sexual and reproductive health, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
  • Clinical lead, NICE guideline on termination of pregnancy


  • Scientific editor, British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Editorial Board, Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica

Current Grants

Chief Scientist Office Scotland. Understanding the attitudes and acceptability of extra-genital chlamydia testing in young women. Wheelhouse N, Brown S, Cameron S . (Sep 2017- April 2018)

National Institute for Health Research  for a Health Technology Assessment .

A randomised controlled trial to determine the effectiveness of bridging from emergency to regular contraception: The 'Bridge-it' study Cameron S (CI), Norrie J, Glasier A, Radley A, McDaid L, Trussell J, Stephenson J, Barraitser P. (April 2017-Sep 2019).

Wellbeing of Women/ Chief Scientist Office Scotland. Post Placental Intrauterine contraception (PPIUC): Health Service Evaluation. Cameron S (CI)  Harden J, McGuire F, Coutts S, Glasier A.. (Oct 2016- Sep 2018)

European Society For Contraception multicounty project (Scotland, Sweden, Portugal, France) to develop audio-visual animated information film for women. Cameron S. (April 2015- March 2017).