Centre for Reproductive Health

Staff and Student Forms

Annual leave, absence record and contact forms for staff and students.

The majority of staff administration now takes place using the People and Money system

Please see the website for details and guidance or contact Karen Witherspoon (CRH Centre Administrator email k.witherspoon@ed.ac.uk) for further assistance.

Further details regarding the leave policies and the annual leave calculator can be found on the Human Resources Website.

Sickness Absence

Please report the first day of sickness to Jackie Young (Jackie.Young@ed.ac.uk/0131 242 6988) and your PI and remember to let Jackie know when you return to work.

CRH leave and absence record

Student CRH annual leave request form

The CRH have an administrative responsibility to record all student leave.

Please complete the form below as required and submit BEFORE you go on leave.

Students should also have access to the CRH LEARN page for further details and guidance.

Visitor Registration Form

If you have a visitor to the lab (not a student) you need to complete the official form that will ensure that your visitor is insured to be on the premises and if required, University login details. 

Please complete the form below and return it electronically to Jackie Young (Jackie.Young@ed.ac.uk).

If you have non University of Edinburgh students wishing to visit /work experience in the Centre, please speak to Dean Ainscough (dean.ainscough@ed.ac.uk) or Karen Witherspoon (k.witherspoon@ed.ac.uk)