Centre for Reproductive Health

Accepted manuscripts for PURE

Please remember to pass jackie.young@ed.ac.uk your recently accepted manuscripts for uploading onto PURE to fulfil the open access requirements for the next REF.

REF - everything you need to know.


The correct version to deposit in PURE is  the author's final peer-reviewed and accepted manuscript:

After peer-review: it should include all the changes resulting from the peer-review process as well as any changes of an academic nature requested by the journal editor. AND

Before any copyediting or typesetting: the accepted manuscript is not the same as the copy-edited, typeset or published paper (these are so called “proofs” or “versions of record” and you usually can’t deposit these into PURE).

It is important that all accepted manuscripts are forwarded, irrespective of where these will be published or your place on the author list.

Please note that the accepted manuscript needs to be deposited in PURE no later than 3 months after acceptance.

Please forward to Jackie.Young@ed.ac.uk:

  • The author’s final peer-reviewed accepted manuscript (as described above)
  • The publisher’s acceptance email or the exact acceptance date (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • The grant number if your paper acknowledges any funding

 Please contact Jackie.Young@ed.ac.uk if you have any questions.