Centre for Reproductive Health

CRH Workshops at Castlebrae Community Campus

Ginnie Clark, Rocio Martinez Aguilar (Maybin lab), Nikki Graham (Pollard lab) and Grace Forsyth (Mitchell lab) visited Castlebrae Community Campus on Thursday August 25 to facilitate our ‘Ready, Steady, Grow’ scientific workshop.

The MRC CRH team held two workshops with enthusiastic students from S3 and S4. They learned about the challenges of creating a new life from the successful fertilisation of an egg to the growth and development of an embryo, and what is required to ensure the creation of a healthy human.

The students participated in microscope activity to discover how cells grow and change and what happens when cell growth goes wrong. They played ‘jigsaw cell match’ to reveal the role of different cells and organs within the body, experimented with fluorescence, and worked out the different stages of embryo foetal development by examining mouse embryos.

Picture of staff and students attending a workshop at Castlebrae High School

The event concluded with a lively Q&A and those who had participated in the workshop were invited to ask questions about different areas of reproductive health research and what a ‘typical day in the life’ of a scientist looks like. A discussion took place about the different possible career trajectories for those with a science skillset and the medley of career options available.

It was great to visit Castlebrae and encourage an interest in science and research!