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Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory celebrates 20 years of helping to save premature babies

The research laboratory founded in memory of the daughter of Sarah and Gordon Brown is marking its 20th anniversary with a powerful short film celebrating its groundbreaking work. 

The film features moving stories of children whose lives have been saved thanks to research at the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory, which was created by children’s charity Theirworld and is located in the CRH.

Sarah Brown and her husband, the former British Prime Minister, established the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory after their daughter, Jennifer, died just 10 days after she was born at 33 weeks in 2001.  

The Laboratory has developed a reputation for pioneering research into why babies are born early, while investigating how to save more lives and treat early newborns more effectively. 

Montage of Jennifer Brown Research Lab pictures

The CRH’s Professor James Boardman, Director, Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory, said:  

“We know that some children who are born premature at the moment don’t fulfil their full life potential because of the difficulties around the time of birth and the effect that that has on their brain development.  

“Our hope for the future is that we’ll be able to continue to follow the children, target our developing treatments, and find the best way to support them so they can fulfil their life potential.”  


Sarah Brown, Chair of  Theirworld, said:

“The Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory is right at the forefront of where medical science is going to take us next. We’ve got investment into a longitudinal study that will carry information going forward for years, combined with the fields of genetics and neuroscience.  

“We’re looking at the future frontiers of where medical research and science is going and allowing us to invest back in our babies, which is what it’s all about, to make sure that they have the best start in life.”  


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Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory celebrates 20 years of helping to save premature babies - Theirworld