Centre for Reproductive Health

​​​​​​​Ferring Corporate Giving Programme funds CRH research

The CRH’s Professor Richard Anderson has been awarded €345,000 by the Ferring Reproductive Medicine and Maternal Health Corporate Giving Programme.

Professor Richard Anderson

This initiative has awarded €2.9 million to 17 different projects to help tackle inequalities in reproductive medicine and maternal health.

How Professor Anderson’s grant aligns to the Ferring #ProjectFamily Commitment:

Learning from patients to improve their treatment and care

Key fact: Cancer treatments can reduce the chances of having a family, so fertility preservation interventions need to happen before treatment starts. Decisions regarding the potential risk to fertility therefore need to be made with extreme time pressure when the person is also dealing with the new cancer diagnosis. A recent UK survey highlighted problems in accessing fertility preservation for young cancer patients.

Research grant: University of Edinburgh Development Trust and University Court of the University of Edinburgh and its research project, ‘Supporting Fertility Preservation Treatment Decision-Making’. This project will develop fertility preservation patient decision making aids to support cancer patients across Europe. This study will build on an existing web-based decision aid created by the research team and will create new tailored resources for different patient groups in a range of languages.

The Ferring Corporate Giving Programme summary:

  • €2.9 million awarded to 17 projects in Reproductive Medicine and Maternal Health in nine countries
  • Programme reinforces Ferring’s #ProjectFamily Commitment to support everyone’s right to build a family
  • Many inequalities and disparities in reproductive medicine and maternal health currently go unaddressed, due to a lack of dedicated research and investment

Please read the full press release here: Gender, health and racial inequalities to be tackled in flagship Ferring grant programme - Ferring Global