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Endometriosis care in Scotland

CRH’s Professor Horne works tirelessly to improve diagnosis times and treatment options for endometriosis patients.

Professor Andrew Horne

He provided expert commentary to this BBC article (23.01.22)

Endometriosis care in Scotland not meeting 'base level' - BBC News

Professor Andrew Horne then appeared on The Sunday Show (BBC Radio Scotland).

Andrew and a number of endometriosis patient case studies spoke to presenter Fiona Stalker about the challenges faced by doctors, researchers and those who suffer from endometriosis. He highlighted the recommendations that are now in place to improve endometriosis care, resulting from a new study into the condition.

Have a listen from 1:30 onwards:

BBC Sounds - The Sunday Show - Available Episodes

This research, commissioned as part of the Scottish government's Women's Health Plan, found that services to help women suffering from endometriosis were lacking.

There are four main areas for improvement:

  • Implementing National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines and quality standards on endometriosis care across Scotland - the research found that this base level of care "is not currently being met".
  • Building relationships between healthcare services through managed clinical networks to allow for smoother referrals.
  • Increasing education in primary and secondary care levels - including GPs and non-specialist gynaecologists.
  • Investment in a public health campaign and improved menstrual education in schools.