Centre for Reproductive Health

Endometriosis Awareness Month (March 2022)

Extensive awareness raising and fundraising activity took place over the month of March.

Andrew and his team hope that their initiatives will improve public understanding of this complex health condition, enhance the support and guidance available, and highlight the vital research studies taking place.

Exxpect team
Professor Andrew Horne and the EXPPECT team ‘lighting up yellow’ to celebrate another successful Endometriosis Awareness Month.

A few of the awareness raising activities include:

  • Lucy Whitaker and Francesca Hearns Yates talked about EXPPECT’s most recent research in an Edinburgh Medical School Instagram Live on 22.03.22. Lucy clearly defined the condition and spoke about current research studies whilst Francesca focused on the impact diet can have on endometriosis symptoms.

(76 viewers joined the live session with almost 300 people viewing it a later date).

Exxpect Instagram ad
  • CRH’s Andrew Horne, Lucy Whitaker and Francesca Hearn-Yates have contributed to recorded videos on the Edinburgh Medical School account on Instagram to increase an understanding of endometriosis and talk about their research progress.

If you are on Instagram, feel free to type @edinburghmedicalschool into the search box and you can scroll to find their videos. The Instagram Live recording can also be found there.

If you wish to take part in an Edinburgh Medical School Instagram Live session please email Jenny Durkin, Engagement Officer at CMVM here: Jenny.Durkin@ed.ac.uk

  • Professor Andrew Horne joined Dame Lesley Regan and a patient advocate for a popular Wellbeing of Women Webinar (part of the ‘Lets talk periods’ series) on 17.03.22.  If you want to listen to this enlightening endometriosis focused webinar, please click on this link:

Let's Talk Periods: Endometriosis - YouTube

  • The charity ‘Endometriosis UK’ ran a webinar specifically to support those who have been newly diagnosed with endometriosis in Scotland. Andrew Horne, Lucy Whitaker and Priscilla Fernandez from EXPPECT formed the expert panel (28.03.22) which was very valuable for this patient group.
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There are a number of press articles expected to appear in the near future which will increase public understanding of endometriosis. This media coverage will also give examples of the important research taking place at CRH and how it will lead to improved treatment options and patient outcomes.

Keep an eye on our Twitter and the news section of our website for updates.