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CRH researchers contribute to acclaimed BBC Sounds series

A brilliant new series has been created for BBC Sounds called 28(ish) Days Later which focuses on the menstrual cycle.

Dr Jackie Maybin
Dr Jackie Maybin

The series tracks what is happening in the body during menstruation as well as investigating important related stories including key research developments, social history, and the debunking of some persistent period myths.

The aim of the series is that by marrying science with personal experiences listeners will begin to understand their bodies and behaviours like never before. It hopes to educate and raise awareness of menstrual health.

MRC CRH’s Dr Jackie Maybin and Professor Horne were selected to take part in this series and will appear in the following episodes, which focus on menstruation and endometriosis.


Dr Maybin’s episodes (menstruation):

  • Episode 1: Power
  • Episode 2: The Flood
  • Episode 7: Oestrogen Rising
  • Episode 14: Ovulation
  • Episode 16: Oh Progesterone
  • Episode 24: To Bleed or Not To Bleed


Professor Andrew Horne
Professor Andrew Horne

Professor Horne episode (endometriosis):

  • Episode 3: Pain & Prejudice


CRH Associate Professor Evelyn Telfer was also invited to get involved; she contributed to episode 14: ‘Ovulation’.


All episodes can be downloaded from BBC Sounds: 

BBC Sounds - 28ish Days Later - Available Episodes


Why not listen to this trailer:

28ish Days Later - Welcome to 28ish Days Later - BBC Sounds