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Dr Maybin raises awareness of problems associated with menstrual bleeding

The CRH’s Jackie Maybin has been, and continues to be, instrumental in changing the ways that menstrual irregularities are treated. Crucially, Dr Maybin is also playing a part in changing the discourse surrounding menstruation.

Dr Maybin aims to improve treatments for problematic periods and preventing their occurrence and her team at CRH has a particular focus on the cause of heavy menstrual bleeding, a condition that has a severe negative impact on the quality of life of many women.

Dr Jackie Maybin

Equate Scotland* has created a podcast featuring three incredible women working in STEM. In this episode (30.06.20) Jackie explains why heavy periods occur and how they can be treated. She speaks about overcoming the stigma of periods that still exists today, as well as touching on why research into women’s reproductive health has not always been a research priority.

Have a listen to Dr Maybin (as well as hearing how sharks are part of the global effort to find a vaccination to COVID-19 and how technology is advancing dementia care) here.

In collaboration with the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s Young Academy of Scotland and other academics, business leaders and teachers, Dr Maybin has recently developed the HOPE (Healthy, Optimal Periods for Everyone) website (

The website allows people to access reliable menstrual information on menstruation, menstrual disorders and treatment, from the comfort of their own home. It also details some of the latest research in this area, carried out at CRH.

Employers can find useful tips on how to create a menstrual-friendly workplace and teachers can access lesson plans for teaching pupils about menstruation. It links with other resources, companies and charities working in this important area to create a menstrual information hub.

The Scotsman recently covered this new initiative and also featured a summary of CRH’s Professor Critchley’s very popular “Tackling taboo: menstrual misery” open discussion, which was part of the Tea and Just Talk series.

Read the opinion piece.


Equate Scotland*

The national expert in gender equality throughout the STEM sectors. It partners with employers and educators to create inclusive working and learning environments.