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Dr Varsha Jain’s research into women’s health in space

Dr Jain is currently a Wellbeing of Women Research Training Fellow at the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health, investigating why women suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding.

For the last decade Dr Varsha Jain has been working part-time as a space gynaecologist. She combines her PhD work at CRH with research into women's health in space.

Varsha Jain
Dr Varsha Jain was always fascinated by the impact space has on human health and she was one of the first academic doctors to focus on researching women's health in relation to space.

Over recent months, Dr Varsha Jain has received extensive public and press attention about her work.

Why not listen to this Edinburgh Science Festival ‘60 second science’ video where she talks about the impact of heavy menstrual bleeding on women, both in space and closer to home.

Varsha’s recent New Scientist video about her research into female astronauts and their menstrual and mental health, and how her findings translate to help women with problematic periods here on earth (29 July, 2020).


Some of the links to Varsha’s additional press coverage from recent months can be found below:

BBC: 22 October 2019

Women’s Hour: 11 December 2019 / Science X website: 5 May 2020

Eureka Alert: 5 May 2020

International Space University website: 22 May, 2020



Interested in finding out more?

Dr Jain and Prof Hilary Critchley are appearing in the RSE Summer online programme of Curious events.

“Is menstrual health still a taboo?” will take place on 19 and 26 August, 2020.

If you would like to hear Dr Varsha Jain talk about her fascinating work, sign up to book your place.