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Expert commentary on COVID-19 vaccine

Dr Stock gives expert commentary on why pregnant women (and women planning a pregnancy) will not be receiving the vaccine.

Sarah Stock
Dr Sarah Stock

The CRH’s Dr Sarah Stock was interviewed by BBC Reporting Scotland as part of a news bulletin concerning the COVID-19 vaccine on Monday, 7 December 2020 (6:30pm).

Sarah explained why pregnant women (and women planning a pregnancy) are not being vaccinated.

“I don’t think we are aware of any risks to mother and baby at the moment, or any risks to fertility. The reason that pregnant women are being advised not to attend for vaccination at this stage is because there isn’t enough evidence, not because there is any evidence that we think that the vaccine will be harmful.”


Catch the clip whilst it is still available below.

BBC Reporting Scotland - 7.12.2020

Dr Stock's commentary at 15.08-15.28 mins. BBC registration required to view. BBC News bulletins are only available for up to 24 hours after broadcast or until the next bulletin is broadcast.