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Prof Hilary Critchley appears in Women in Science exhibition at the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Professor Hilary Critchley has the great honour of featuring in a new multi-media exhibition at RSE, featuring some of the country’s leading scientists.

These incredible women are changing the way we see and understand the world every day with their work.

The RSE’s Celebrating Women in Science in Scotland exhibition includes five inspiring female scientists from the University of Edinburgh.

The women featured were asked to be photographed with an item that represents their inspiration to become a scientist or their scientific journey. Objects included a female lego scientist in a lab, solar powered cells, carbon dioxide locked up inside rocks, models of molecules, books, a sixth-year school report on biology and even a melted kettle element.  A short self-penned essay next to every photo explains each woman’s expertise and what inspired them to become a scientist and why they do what they do.

This exhibition will be running until the Autumn and details can be found at this link:


You can also browse this PDF (Prof Critchley is on page 20):