Centre for Reproductive Health

CRH researchers are named WOW Heroes

Wellbeing of Women has been funding high-quality research into women’s reproductive health for over 50 years.

Pregnancy and childbirth are much safer now than they were when this charity was founded in 1964. WOW’s first grant discovered that folic acid could prevent the malformation of babies and it is now routinely taken all over the world.

Many doctors that WOW has funded have seen the devastating suffering of women with a gynaecological cancer, or a pregnancy that goes wrong and the isolation of couples unable to conceive. They are determined to find new treatments and diagnoses to help these women and their families.

Wellbeing of Women’s Research Training Fellowships are crucial to the future of women’s health as they fund doctors, midwives and nurses in their own work places. WOW is proud to have funded some of the leading women’s health experts including CRH’s Dr Roseanne Rosario and Dr Jacqueline Maybin.

Please see Roseanne’s video (recorded from her lab) and Jackie’s blog post, which highlight their research and WOW funding: