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CRH attends MRC showcase in the Scottish Parliament

CRH attended the MRC Scottish showcase at Scottish Parliament on 6 February 2019, along with eight other MRC Scottish Centres, to highlight the vital work we do into fertility preservation in young cancer patients and research into obesity in pregnancy.

The event displayed the work of the Medical Research Council (MRC) in Scotland, bringing together researchers based across the country into one place to talk with MSPs and other sector stakeholders about their work.

This showcase provided an opportunity to increase understanding amongst MSPs of the MRC’s strategic vision and the leading role it plays in improving human health, innovation and economic growth by seeing first-hand the research that is taking place and the researchers that make it happen.  

Dr Rod Mitchell (fertility preservation) and Emma Johns (obesity in pregnancy and the Metabolic Antenatal Clinic) from CRH ran an interactive stand to inform politicians on their current research and the impact it is having in Scotland, the UK and beyond.

The CRH researchers offered MSP’s the opportunity to look at testis tissue under a microscope and view a video about fertility preservation, as well as learning more about the impact of obesity in pregnancy and how the Metabolic Antenatal Clinic offers multi-disciplined support from doctors, midwives and dieticians to help support pregnant women. MSP’s and other government officials were able to ask any questions about Rod and Emma’s work and the research that goes on more widely across CRH.

There were short speeches from Lewis Macdonald MSP, Richard Lochhead MSP and Professor Fiona Watt, MRC Executive Chair. 

It was interesting to hear that The MRC, the largest funder of medical research in Scotland (second only to the EU Commission over the last 5 years) spent the equivalent of £14.77 per person in 2017/18, more spend per head than in any other part of the UK.

The event brochure featured a case study on endometriosis research undertaken by Professor Andrew Horne and his team at the EXPPECT Centre for Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis, at CRH. Please see the attached PDF to view this brochure.



Photos from CRH MRC Showcase


Rod and Emma at MRC Event