Centre for Reproductive Health

CRH and CIR Professors lead EISF Endometriosis event, “The Bloody Truth”

As part of this year’s EISF, Professor and Professor Andrew Horne (CRH) and Philippa Saunders (CIR) led a roundtable discussion and extensive Q and A with members of the public focusing on the health condition endometriosis.

This CIR and CRH joint event showcased the groundbreaking research into endometriosis that is being conducted in both Centres.

Emma Cox from Endometriosis UK chaired “The Bloody Truth” event and Dr Sandra Engstrom, an Endometriosis UK patient representative, joined the panel to offer the audience a glimpse into her own personal journey with this debilitating condition.

The event raised awareness of the condition and the work being done to support patients, improve treatment within the NHS, and to find innovative ways of treating symptoms without multiple surgeries or drugs.


The Bloody Truth Endometriosis at Science Festival