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The 2019 Seminar Series

Informative seminars hosted by, and for, the Centre for Reproductive Health team.

Seminars are held in the Wellcome Lecture Theatre in the QMRI

Time 12.30-1.30pm unless otherwise stated.

“Chromatin regulation by cell growth, in proliferation and in pause”

Monday, 14 January 2019.  Dr Aydan Bulut-Karslioglu.  Host: Chih-Jen (Lance) Lin

"The Study Of Mammary Epithelial Cell Differentiation Dynamics And Breast Cancer Development By Single Cell RNA Sequencing"

Monday, 21 January 2019.  Dr Walid Khaled.  Host: Bin-Zhi Qian

"Endogenous RNAi and other LTR-driven adaptations from mammalian oocytes"

Monday, 11 February 2019.  Prof Petr Svoboda.  Host: Chih-Jen (Lance) Lin

"From blastocyst development to the window of implantation: lessons from blastoids solely made from stem cells."

Monday, 4 March 2019.  Prof Nicolas C Rivron.  Host: Chih-Jen (Lance) Lin

“Whole exome sequencing of infertile males reveals key actors of sperm structure and sperm physiology.”

Monday, 13 May 2019.  Dr Christophe Arnoult.  Host: Chih-Jen (Lance) Lin

“The BLIMP1 - EZH2 nexus in a non-Hodgkin lymphoma”

Monday, 20 May 2019.  Dr Erna Magnúsdóttir.  Host: Sona Relovska

“Vaginal microbiota-host interactions in pregnancy: the good, the bad and the ugly”

Friday, 31 May 2019, 2-3pm.  Dr David MacIntyre.  Host: Jeff Pollard

"Modelling and Targeting Advanced Prostate Cancer"

Monday 24 June, 2019. Professor Yuzhuo Wang  Host: Bin-Zhi Qian

“Organoids and Translational research of urological cancers”

Monday 1 July, 2019. Dr Marianna Kruithof-de Julio  Host: Bin-Zhi Qian

“The interplay between phosphorylation and ubiquitylation in regulating innate immunity” (time to be confirmed)

Tuesday 30 July, 2019. Professor Sir Philip Cohen   Host: Jeff Pollard

“The Uterus as an Endocrine Organ”

Monday 19 August, 2019. Professor Elizabeth A. (Ebbie) Stewart  Host: Hilary Critchley

"Human placenta has no microbiome but can contain potential pathogens"

Wednesday 28 August, 2019, 1-2pm. Professor Steve Charnock-Jones  Host: Andrew Horne

“Ensemble and single molecule imaging in oligodendrocytes: New insights on myelin formation and injury.”

Monday 9 September, 2019. Dr Daniel Fulton Host: Veronica Miron

"Protecting the newborn brain: a journey from laboratory to clinical studies"

Friday 27 September, 2019, 2-3pm. Professor Nikki Robertson Host: James Boardman

"Cellular plasticity in wound repair and scarring."

Monday 30 September, 2019. Dr Tanya Shaw  Host: Bin-Zhi Qian

Talk to be confirmed

Monday 7 October, 2019. Dr Ian Adams  Host: Niki Gray

"Rethinking sex steroids: understanding the role of 11-oxygenated androgens"

Monday 14 October, 2019. Professor Karl Storbeck  Host: Ian Mason

Talk to be confirmed

Monday 21 October, 2019. Professor Massimiliano Pagani  Host: Luca Cassetta

Talk to be confirmed

Monday 4 November, 2019. Dr Niamh Forde  Host: Hilary Critchley

Talk to be confirmed

Monday 11 November, 2019. Professor Carl Figdor  Host: Luca Cassetta

Talk to be confirmed

Monday 18 November, 2019. Dr John Martens  Host: Bin-Zhi Qian

Talk to be confirmed

Monday 25 November, 2019. Professor Matti Poutanen  Host: Evan Simpson