MRC Centre for Reproductive Health

Edinburgh Clinical Seminar Series

Informative seminars available to local clinical and University staff and students only.


L-Shaped Seminar Room

2nd Floor Simpson Centre within RIE- go via ward 210 or 211.

Lunch at 12:30 provided by the sponsor of the seminar. Lecture at 1pm. Time 12.30-1.30pm.

Friday 15 September, 2017

Title: Postpartum intrauterine contraception

Prof Paul Blumenthal (Stanford, USA)

Sponsor: KEBOMED

Friday 29 September, 2017

Title: The emerging fetal genome: Holy Grail or Pandora's Box?

Dr Kelly Cohen (Leeds)

Sponsor: PleurX

Friday 6 October, 2017

Title: Achieving work-life balance: reflections from a GP/stand up comedian

Dr Ahmed Kazmi (London)


Friday 13 October, 2017

Title: Improving patient outcomes in obstetrics and gynaecology: an evidence based approach?

Prof Khalid Khan (London)


Friday 27 October, 2017

Title: Regulation in Assisted Reproductive Technology

Dr Susheel Vani (Glasgow)


Friday 10 November, 2017

Title: Clinical Effectiveness in sexual and reproductive health – influencing UK clinical practice

The Chalmers CEU team: (Clinical Effectiveness Unit)


Friday 24 November, 2017

Title: Reproductive Policy in the wake of Zika virus

Dr Catherine Aitken (Cambridge)


Friday 8 December, 2017

Title: Long-term offspring health outcomes of planned caesarean section

Dr Mairead Black (Aberdeen)


Friday 15 December, 2017

Title: Each Baby Counts – a 5 year quality improvement programme

Prof Alan Cameron (Glasgow)


Friday 16 February, 2018

Title: A Gynaecologist "In Space"

Dr Varsha Jain

Sponsor: Infofolic / Pharamsure

Past Seminars 2017

Friday 31 March, 2017

Title: Reproductive surgery: Competition or complimentary to ART?

Miss Lynne Robinson, Birmingham

Sponsor: Cooper Surgical

Friday 7 April, 2017

Title:  The Lady of Laetoli – has Global Maternal Mortality moved on?

Dr Brian McGowan, Borders



Friday 5 May, 2017

Title:  Challenging the placental aetiology of preeclampsia dogma’

Professor Baskaran Thilaganathan, London

Sponsor: Ethicon

Friday 19 May, 2017

Title:  Where early pregnancy meets obstetrics: caesarean ectopic or placenta acreta?

Miss Jemma Johns, London

Sponsor: Eden

Friday 23 June, 2017

Title:  Peri- operative care in gynaecology

Dr James May, Edinburgh

Sponsor: Pierre-Fabre

Friday 30 May, 2017

Title: Cholestasis in pregnancy: aetiology and implications for maternal and child health

Professor Catherine Williamson, London

Sponsor: STORZ


Seminar audience at the CRH


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