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MSc by Research in Reproductive Sciences 2018/2019 - Final Project Presentations

Thursday, 22 August 2019


Wellcome Auditorium

Queens Medical Research Institute

Little France


09.00 – 09.20     

Investigating the impact and mechanisms of chemotherapy induced damage on the fetal ovary.            

Cara Nicholson

Supervisors: Dr Agnes Stefansdottir, Professor Norah Spears


09.20 – 09.40     

Do Pabp4-/- mice exhibit altered mRNA splicing and/or polyadenylation in skeletal muscle and might this contribute to their complex reproductive, metabolic and viability phenotypes

Huanting Chi

Supervisors: Professor Niki Gray, Dr Matt Brook


09.40 – 10.00     

Effects of human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived macrophages on cytotoxicity of natural killer cells against breast cancer cells                          

Viktorija Avilkina

Supervisor: Dr Takanori Kitamura


10.00 – 10.20     

Can we determine non-invasive biomarkers of testicular tumours in the male giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)?                

Amanda Mayoral Rebollo

Supervisors: Professor Colin Duncan, Dr Forbes Howie, Miss Kirsten Wilson


Tea and Coffee served in the Fyffe Room, QMRI


10.40 – 11.00     

Investigating localisation and sex-specific expression of steroidogenic enzymes in the mouse hypothalamus and pituitary gland                 

Amy Bowes

Supervisor: Dr Laura O’Hara


11.00 – 11.20     

DHX37 and sex reversal in human fetal testis

Spyridon Deligiannis

Supervisor: Dr Rod Mitchell


11.20 – 11.40     

Is primordial follicle formation regulated by the meiotic stage of oocytes?

Emily Walshe

Supervisors: Professor Richard Anderson, Dr Roseanne Rosario


11.40 – 12.00     

Explore the interaction between tumour cells and macrophages in breast cancer bone metastasis

Chengbin Zhang

Supervisors: Dr Binzhi Qian, Miss Ruoyu Ma