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GL Brown Prize Lecture

Edinburgh has been selected as one of the hosts for The Physiological Society GL Brown Prize Lecture and the CRH will be hosting the GL Brown Prize Lecture on the 30th April 2018.

The recipient of the 2016-17 award is Dr Rachel Tribe, Reader of Women's Health, Kings College London ( and the lecture title is "How to expect the unexpected: Prediction and prevention of preterm birth", the seminar will be held at the Wellcome theatre from 12.30 to 13.30pm on the 30th April 2018. The purpose of this lecture is to target younger scientists with an interest in Physiology. Therefore, the lecture will give a more general story rather than giving high level detail of current research studies as in a typical seminar.

Lecture abstract

Preterm birth is a global problem, responsible for over a million deaths each year. In addition, 15 million survivors of preterm birth are more likely to experience physical and cognitive difficulties, as well as increased risk of disease in later life. Some progress has been made over the last twenty years to reduce the number of preterm births (birth before 37 weeks of gestation), but this has been limited by poor understanding of the physiology of human parturition and a lack of investment into potential therapeutics. This lecture will briefly review current theories and discuss how a multidisciplinary approach may help unravel the complexity of the spontaneous preterm syndrome.  Dr Tribe will discuss her research which spans from ‘mouse to woman’ and ‘bench to bedside’ with a focus on understanding the contribution of inflammation, infection and the innate immune system to preterm birth, and the development of potential treatment strategies. The goal of this lecture is to engage physiologists with this important area of research and demonstrate how we can play a pivotal role in the translation research pathway and provide invaluable insight into medical problems.

Information about the GL Brown Prize Lecture

In 1975 The Physiological Society established the GL Brown Prize Lecture in his memory. This is an annual series of peripatetic lectures aimed to stimulate an interest in physiology.

There is a £1,000 prize and subject to the agreement of the Editorial Board, this lecture is published in Experimental Physiology.