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Clinical Research Fellow Presentations

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

A showcase of research being undertaken in the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health to promote interaction and support amongst clinical researchers.


Clinical Research Fellow Presentations

Wellcome Auditorium, QMRI


1315       Welcome from Professor Richard Anderson


1330-1340            Sara van Boeckel (PhD)

"DNA-mediated inflammation in Pregnancy"


1340-1350            Rohan Chodankar (MD)

“Ulipristal Acetate modulates steroid receptor and steroid metabolising enzyme expression and cell proliferation in the human endometrium“


1350-1400            Michelle Cooper (PhD) 

"Provision of immediate postpartum intrauterine contraception (PPIUC) in a UK maternity setting"


1400-1410            Gemma Sullivan (PhD)  

“Perinatal inflammation and preterm brain development.”


1410-1420            Michael Rimmer (PhD) 

“Changes in the micro RNA contents of extra cellular vesicles released by prepubescent testicular tissue in response to chemotherapy”


1420-1430            Alex Viner (PhD)             

“Optimisation of gestational age estimates in Malawi”


1430-1440            Andrew Brown (MD)     

“Development of a fetal monitoring device based on interstitial microdialysis”


Comfort Break


1510-1520            Eleanor Whitaker (PhD)

“Repurposing statins as therapy for the prevention of preterm birth.”


1520-1530            David Stoye (PhD)          

“Stress Response Systems in Mothers and Preterm Infants”


1530-1540            Melissa Tharmalingham (PhD)   

“Chemotherapy, boys and their future fertility”


1540-1550            John Reynolds-Wright (MD)       

“Improving the journey through early medical abortion”


1550-1600            Varsha Jain (PhD)            

“Determining the Endometrial Phenotype of Women with Abnormal Uterine Bleeding”


1600-1610            Emily Bailie (MD)             

“The impact of high dose testosterone therapy on ovarian follicles’ reproductive potential and the assessment of DNA damage and damage repair mechanisms.”


1610-1620            Emma Johns (PhD)         

“Mechanisms of Sleep Disordered Breathing in Obese Pregnant Women”


1620-1645            Jackie Maybin

Early Career Researcher                "What's next"


Refreshments available to attendees following the event