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Research clinics

As part of the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health's commitment to research, a series of research clinics is on offer to the local scientific and clinical community.


In line with public advice, the Centre for Reproductive Health has now cancelled all in-person research clinic talks until further notice.

The CRH has initiated a virtual research clinic series of presentations as below.  This will be populated as details develop.


Senior academic, postdoctoral researcher, student and Centre related presentations.

These are online, using MS Teams and available to the Little France community on the dates shown, between 2-3pm (unless otherwise stated).


2021 Virtual Spring RESEARCH CLINICS


5 February               

Cigdem Selli Karakaya (Postdoctoral researcher)    

"Macrophage-associated genes to predict chemotherapy resistance in breast cancer patients"


Richard Smith (Postdoctoral researcher)    

"Insights into links between translation and mRNA integrity from DAZL, an essential germ-cell protein"


12 February

Thanasis Tsanas  (Associate Prof. (tenured) & DARTH group leader)

“Harnessing multimodal data to develop accurate and robust clinical decision support tools: applications in neurodegenerative disorders, mental disorders, and sleep”


5 March

RCOG Annual Academic Award 2020 Prize Lecture 

Hilary Critchley, Professor of Reproductive Medicine

"Unravelling menstruation: a wound with wonders and woes"

Introduced by Andrew Horne 


12 March

Michael Rimmer (PhD)

"Chemotherapy Derived Extracellular Vesicles and Prepubertal Testes"


followed by an update on the CRH Resource Booking system, mobile functionality and integration with PPMS with Mark Lawson (CRH Data & Project Manager)


26 March

Chelsea Morroni (Chancellor's Fellow in Global Sexual and Reproductive Health)

"Botswana Sexual and Reproductive Health Initiative (BSRHI)
Improving the Sexual and Reproductive Health of Girls and Women in Southern Africa"


16 April

Irene Molina-Gonzalez (Postdoctoral researcher)    

"Astrocyte-Oligodendrocyte interaction regulates central nervous system regeneration"


Paola Galdi (Postdoctoral researcher)    

"Feature similarity gradients in the neonatal cortex".


30 April     

Adele Marston (Wellcome Senior Research Fellow and Professor in Cell Biology)

“Kinetochore and Pericentromere organisation in Meiosis”


7 May

Jenny Cameron and Lysimachos Zografos, Edinburgh Innovations

“Translational and Industrial engagement”


14 May            

Karen Witherspoon (CRH) and Kirsty Ainscough (Deanery of Clinical Sciences)

"People and Money - update on annual leave and recruitment"


21 May

Sun-Wei Guo (Professor, Shanghai Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Fudan University Shanghai College of Medicine, China)

"Cracking the enigma of the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of adenomyosis"


28 May

Rebecca Gentek (Chancellor's Fellow & Kennedy Trust Senior Research Fellow)

"Development, functions and programming of the “layered” immune system"


4 June     

Nikolas Giannakis (Postdoctoral researcher)    

"Resources on single-cell RNA-seq analyses: an example in murine brain development."


Rocio Martinez Aguilar (Postdoctoral researcher)    

"Examining physiological hypoxia and HIF in the endometrium"


11 June   

Ian Adams (Personal Chair of Germline Biology,  MRC Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine)

"Assembling Meiotic Chromosomes in Mammalian Germ Cells"


18 June

Sharon Cameron (Consultant Gynaecologist and Lead for sexual health services NHS Lothian)

"Fertility control in the hands of women"


25 June   

Martha Lopez Yrigoyen (Postdoctoral researcher)       

"From Academia to Industry, thanks iPS Macrophages for the ride!"


Otto Yeung (Postdoctoral researcher)    

"Regulation of Poly(A) binding protein 1 function by differential post-translational modification."



Links to join the talks are made available to local staff and students once arranged.