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Research clinics

As part of the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health's commitment to research, a series of research clinics is on offer to the local scientific and clinical community.


The CRH is planning to offer virtual/hybrid presentations from external academics and local students during Spring 2022.

Usually conducted online (in person where possible) using MS Teams and available to the Little France community on the dates shown, between 2-3pm (unless otherwise stated).




8 February, 10-11am

"Deciphering the testis to improve male wellbeing across the life course"

Diane Rebourcet (University of Newcastle, Australia)


25 February    

"When viral RNA met the cell: a story of protein-RNA interactions"

Alfredo Castello (University of Glasgow)        

Biochemical Society’s Sponsored Seminar Series


4 March 

"Prevalence of female infertility in the UK Armed Forces"

Maddy Thiel (PhD)


"Microglia preserve myelin integrity in the central nervous system"

Niamh McNamara (PhD)


11 March         

MSc Reproductive Sciences Poster Presentations (2-3pm)


1 April

"Using single-cell RNA-seq to uncover the mechanisms regulating spermatogonial fate"

Brian Hermann (The University of Texas at San Antonio)

Biochemical Society’s Sponsored Seminar Series


29 April      

"Unpicking male reproductive ageing and its amelioration in Drosophila"

Stuart Wigby (University of Liverpool)            

Biochemical Society’s Sponsored Seminar Series


13 May

"Single-cells for human gametogenesis and ovarian remodelling"           

Susana M.Chuva de Sousa Lopes (Leiden University)             

Biochemical Society’s Sponsored Seminar Series


20 May  

“Energetic dysfunction in ME/CFS, potential relevance to Long Covid and new approaches to study single cell metabolism           

Karl Morten (University of Oxford)    

Biochemical Society’s Sponsored Seminar Series


27 May             

Rachael Wood (Consultant in Public Health Medicine)


3 June

Emily Frier (MD)

Chengbin Zhang (PhD)


10 June

Niamh McLennan (PhD)     

Heather Flanagan (PhD)