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EPiC2 clinical trial

A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled feasibility trial to evaluate dichloroacetate in the management of endometriosis-associated pain. Funded by Wellbeing of Women and the Chief Scientist Office (RG2415).

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To find out what dose of dichloroacetate has the most impact on painful endometriosis symptoms and has the fewest side-effects. Importantly, the data from EPiC2 will also help plan a future, large scale, UK-wide trial to truly determine whether dichloroacetate can reduce endometriosis-associated pain AND improve quality of life.


Pre-menopausal women and those assigned female at birth aged 16 or over diagnosed with superficial peritoneal endometriosis at laparoscopy within the last 10 years who are using/willing to use effective contraception if necessary.


NHS Lothian and Chelsea and Westminster Foundation Trust.


Recruitment is planned to start in October 2023.

Recruitment target

100 participants

More information

For more information, please read the PPI summary:

For further details, please contact ETMT@ed.ac.uk

Media coverage

This research has received widespread media coverage, including from STV News, ITV News, The Guardian, more coverage in The Guardian, The Independent, and the Daily Record.