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Survey to understand dietary self-management strategies in endometriosis

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This survey is exploring the use of dietary self-management strategies in people with endometriosis.

You are eligible to participate in this survey if you:

  • Have confirmed or suspected endometriosis.
  • Are over the age of 16.

The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete and is fully anonymous – the information you share cannot be used to identify you. Therefore, once you have completed the survey you will not be able to withdraw, and you will not be contacted in the future.

The findings of this survey will identify any trends between dietary habits and associated pain levels in people with endometriosis. The anonymised findings will be published in academic journals and/or at conferences.

The survey is running as part of a larger PhD project called ‘endoGUT’ led by Francesca Hearn-Yeates at the University of Edinburgh, under the supervision of Professor Andrew Horne and Professor Philippa Saunders. endoGUT runs as part of the EXPPECT charity in Edinburgh.

This survey has been approved by the Edinburgh Medical School Research Ethics Committee – reference 22-EMREC-029.

If you have any questions about participating in this research, please contact Francesca Hearn-Yeates at f.e.hearn-yeates@sms.ed.ac.uk

We encourage participation from all backgrounds, experiences and cultures.

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