Edinburgh Reproductive Tissue Biobank

Tissue request

Applying to use tissue from the Bio Bank.


  1. Applicants should submit their request by email to Simon Riley, Biobank Manager. You will then be sent the Tissue Request Form to complete and sign. Please return both a paper and electronic copy to the Bio Bank Manager.
  2. Your application will then be assessed by the Bio Bank Manager, together with advice sought from others when appropriate, all under the guidance of the Edinburgh Reproductive Tissues Bio Bank Management Group.
  3. Once the Bio Bank Manager / Management Group approve your application, a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) will be sent to you.
  4. Once both parties, (End user and Bio Bank Manager), have signed the MTA, the Management Group will authorise release of tissue and any required anonymised data to you.

ERTBB tissues are provided on the basis that tissue costs are zero,  whilst costs incurred by ERTBB in performing the collection process and maintaining the bank facilities will be recovered from the end users.  Please discuss these ‘cost recovery’ charges with the BioBank Manager.