NIHR Global Health Research on reducing Preterm and Stillbirth (DIPLOMATIC)

Work package 4 Open Access Platform

We anticipate all work packages will begin in Malawi, and will then be undertaken in Zambia as the project progresses.

The DIPLOMATIC project is composed of eight interlocking Work Packages, with cross cutting capacity building in clinical trial methodology, database design and analysis, improvement science, and education in Malawi and Zambia.

Work Package 4

The purpose of this work package is to generate a platform, likely to be web based but using readily available tools (e.g. Microsoft Excel) that can be easily adapted by colleagues in the future. The database will be hosted in the relevant country (Malawi or Zambia) and anonymised extracts of the database with summary statistics will be made available to clinicians in each institution.

Lead collaborators on this Work Package are:  Clemens Masesa in Malawi and John Norrie in UK.