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Research clinics

As part of the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health's commitment to research, a series of research clinics is on offer to the local scientific and clinical community.


The CRH plans to offer hybrid presentations by CRH staff, students and external academics during the Spring of 2023.

Available to the Edinburgh BioQuarter community on the dates shown, between 2-3pm in the Wellcome Auditorium (unless otherwise stated).




17 January (1.30-2.30pm) 

"Stem cell based options for male fertility preservation"

Stefan Schlatt

Director of the Centre of Reproductive Medicine and Andrology, Münster


3 February (2-2.30pm Online only)

"Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: Studies from the bench and beyond"

Varsha Jain (PhD)


17 February

"Extracellular vesicles in the pre-pubertal testis"

Michael Rimmer 

Clinical Lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Edinburgh


24 February 

"Origin of synovial tissue macrophages and why do knee must care"

Marlene Magalhaes (Postdoctoral Researcher)


"The impact of diet on endometriosis-associated pain"

Francesca Hearn-Yeates (PhD)


10 March

"Glioblastoma: a spatial odyssey"

Florent Petitprez (Postdoctoral Researcher)


"Tian Tian’s last try: summarising the 2021 giant panda breeding attempt at Edinburgh Zoo" 

Kirsten Wilson (PhD)


17 March (3-5pm)

MSc Poster Presentations

Mary Kinross Room 


24 March

"Fertility preservation in male childhood cancer: Investigating the journey of cisplatin in spermatogonia"

Grace Forsyth (PhD)


“From allergies to development: can mast cells do it all?”

Shin Li Chia (PhD)


31 March

"Developing an in vitro assay to study macrophage-mediated suppression of NK-induced TNBC apoptosis"

Dahlia Doughty Shenton (Postdoctoral Researcher)


"New insights into longitudinal endometriosis symptom trajectories using patient-reported outcome measures and wearable technology"

Katherine Edgley (PhD)


14 April

"Investigating the origins and functions of mast cells in the mammary gland"

Simran Kapoor (PhD)


28 April

"New stressed dogs in town: BARKing 2 metastasis and novel EMT kinases"

Wenliang Li

Associate Professor, Texas Therapeutics Institute


12 May (1-2pm)

"Research that changes policy: Approaches, outcomes and top tips from SRH research in Canada"

Wendy Norman

Professor in the Department of Family Practice, University of British Columbia


19 May

"RNA splicing control and male infertility"

David Elliot

Professor of Genetics, Newcastle University


26 May

"Stem Stroma & Beyond

Biology of a medicine named Radiation"

Subhrajit Saha

Associate Professor, KU Medical Center, University of Kansas


2 June

Madhuri Salker - to be rescheduled

Margarete von Wrangell Group Leader, Women's Hospital, Tubingen University


Please contact for further info or to discuss additions to this seasons programme.