Centre for Reproductive Health

Research clinics

As part of the Centre for Reproductive Health's commitment to research, a series of research clinics is on offer to the local scientific and clinical community.


The CRH offers presentations by staff, students and external academics during Autumn 2023.

Available to the Edinburgh BioQuarter community on the dates shown, between 2-3pm in the Seminar Room (1.05) of the Institute for Regeneration and Repair - North Building (unless otherwise stated).





22 September

"Defective soil for a fertile seed? -Is altered endometrial function detrimental to pregnancy success?"

Madhuri Salker

Margarete von Wrangell Group Leader, Women's Hospital, Tubingen University


27 October

"The synaptonemal complex: molecular zipper of meiotic chromosomes and regulator of genetic crossovers"

Owen Davies

Wellcome Senior Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh


3 November

"New insights into the aetiology of polycystic ovary syndrome"

Ray Rodgers

Deputy Director, Discovery Research, Robinson Research Institute, The University of Adelaide


10 November

"Rethinking the androgen pool: a place for 11-oxygenated androgens"

Karl Storbeck

Associate Professor, University of Stellenbosch


17 November 

"Can cancer therapies damage the uterus and compromise pregnancy success?"

Meaghan Griffiths (Postdoctoral Researcher)


"Single-cell transcriptomics analysis reveals intra-tumoral heterogeneity in bone metastatic prostate cancer upon anti-androgen therapy"

Guoping Gu (PhD)


24 November (2-2.30pm)

"Incomes and outcomes: Preterm birth, neurodevelopment, and the socioeconomic determinants of health"

Katie McKinnon (PhD)


8 December

"Cell cycle regulation in oocytes: Building the perfect egg"

Suzanne Madgwick

Wellcome Trust Career Re-entry Fellow, Newcastle University Biosciences Institute


Please contact Dean.Ainscough@ed.ac.uk for further info or to discuss additions to this seasons programme.